Let’s Russia focuses on services that make foreigners’ lives in Russia easier whether that means saving time or streamlining a process to make it super convenient. Here you can find services, both online and offline, that you may need from time to time during your Russian experience. 

Visa Services

Getting a visa can be a huge hassle for many reasons. Whether you don’t have immediate access to Russian consulate, cannot get answers to your specific situation or you’re just not sure about which options are available, Let’s Russia works hard to keep updated on visa regulations and rules. Let’s Russia has a physical presence in the USA, Germany and Canada and we’re continually growing a reliable network to serve you as our member, whatever your situation may be. Let’s Russia provides integral insight into your visa situation so you avoid excessive fees and unnecessary expenses.

Foreigner Registration

For foreigners staying longer than 7 days, which applies to most, registering at a residential address can be a real headache. It can be tough to find a landlord who is willing to offer temporary registration. Even if you travel, will the landlord be around and willing the next time you need registration? For that reason, we’ve created a board where you will find trusted landlords willing to provide registration at reasonable prices. Check who’s offering registration.


We all need help sometimes and it’s ok to admit it. You can’t rely on social media groups and forums to quickly find detailed, specific-to-your-situation information. Our support is here for you when you want an assistant to avoid time-consuming information searches. We make it our business to know all things related to being in Russia as a foreigner so you don’t have to become an expert on every aspect of expat life. 

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