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As a guest, you can browse our free content without registering. You can make an order for visa services without registering. However, you cannot use any other features without registering an account. You do not have access to paid content, forums, cannot comment on articles or posts, etc.


This is a free membership. As a Rookie, you have access to the site. You can browse free articles and posts. You can make orders for services and get 10% off visa services. You have access to tools like weekly planner. You have limited access to Job Board, Community Calendar, Directories, but you cannot contact anyone directly until you upgrade. You have the option to pay for one-time access to a specific contact or become a paying member and have the ability to contact others. You can pay for individual services like booking office space, seminar and others. If you use services through our partners like coupons, request a quote, etc, we may receive a commission from our partner.


Traveler is the first paying membership level. The biggest benefit is that as a Traveler you have access to contact information on most directories like the Language Exchange, Job Board, Roommate/Accommodation Search and others. You have access to all premium content like HOW-TO articles and posts that explain in detail how to specific tasks in Russia. You get a small discount on services. You have a limited number of hours of free office space per month. Travelers can become verified members and all other members see that you are. You cannot submit reviews.


As an Expat, you get more discounts on services and more access to office space. You cannot pre-order or pre-register to community events.

Expat Plus

Expat Plus has access to almost every feature. You get a large discount on services, can pre-order products/services and pre-register for events. You can use office space more often and have access to a English speaking assistant.


As an Executive member, you get access to all features, all events, the best discounts and an English speaking assistant. You have priority and more hours to a shared office space as well as the option to book a separate meeting room outside of business hours.

Benefits & Features

This shows which membership levels require you to register for an account. Guests are site visitors without an account and no benefits or access to anything but open blog posts. All other membership levels, including a free Rookie account requires you to register an account to gain more access to resources and features.

These are articles and blog posts that are written to share the who, what, why, when of things related to living, working and traveling in Russia as a foreigner. These are blog posts that help any of our site visitors learn more about Russia and being in Russia as a foreigner in as much detail as possible.

Let’s Russia offers full visa services in the USA and Germany. This means, you can get a visa to Russia without leaving your home or office. We will apply on your behalf and take care of the whole process. Even free Rookie members get a 10% discount. Paying members get access to bigger discounts. 

Sometimes you need an office for housekeeping things. As a paying member, you can stop by the office to print something off, use the copier, have mail or packages delivered to our office to pick up when it’s convenient or leave some luggage you don’t want to drag around before a train or flight. 

Members are able to book an open working space or a separate meeting room/office. We will start with one office with 4 open working spaces available at a time. When they are free, members can book them. If they are reserved, the calendar/online widget will show that they are busy. Each membership level will have a certain number of free time they can book. Then, after that, they can purchase additional space. Different members can book a space at the same time. They can book by the hour or by the day, if they have enough free hours. Members can even grant access to their friends or relatives to use the space if they themselves do not use up their hours.

Expat Plus and Executive members can book a separate meeting room. They can use this space as they wish whether it’s to meet a language teacher, student or hold business meetings.

For the times you need something done in Russian and either don’t have the time or don’t know enough Russian to get it done, our support team is here. You can reach out to us by email, chat or phone and let us know what errands you need done and we’ll gladly: schedule an appointment, find an English-speaking person, set up a meeting, book a table at a restaurant, help communicate with a pharmacist if you need medicine, speak to your landlord, etc.

Our expert in-house realtor will help you find the accommodation that suits your needs whether you’re renting or buying. We’ll help you verify legitimate offers, understand the conditions and communicate with landlords/owners before signing any agreements.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to gain more experience in Russia as an intern, we’ll help you find a suitable option with a reliable Russian or international company.

We will assist you in finding and choosing a homestay option that fits you. We will match you with an open Russian family that offers temporary housing to foreigners whether your goal is to learn Russian or just experience the culture.

Foreigners in Russia often look for ways to get out and experience new things. We help curate and organize events that help foreigners in Russia meet like-minded people and feel at home. As a member, you not only have access to events we sponsor but you get the chance to let us know which type of events you’d like to see more of.

Online chat and messaging support is for members to provide feedback, voice interests and get answers to questions about our membership.

We curate the best places to learn Russian as well as work hard to get our payment members the best rates and get the most value out of Russian language courses. If there is a course that excels at helping our members learn Russian, you will hear about it.

We invite professionals from various fields to share their expertise with our members. We negotiate favorable terms of courses and workshops specifically for our members. As a member, you can request that we organize a seminar on a specific topic if there’s enough interest among members.

While away from home, volunteering for charities is a great way to give back to the local community you’re a part of. We partner with various charities to provide different forms of volunteer opportunities. Any member can feel free to share how they would like to give back and we’ll strive to make it a reality by working with local charities.

These are very detailed articles and blog posts showing how and where to get something done in Russia. These are typically step-by-step guides to anything Russia. We walk you through a process and update the processes and procedures as they change. These are accessible to any paying member.  

This is a tool for members to post a room/apartment for rent, room/apartment sought for and let other membership know when a room/apartment will become free. This saves members the hassle of looking for an already verified landlord.

Every foreigner who stays longer than 7 days in Russia must be registered at a migration office. Only the owner of a residence can register a foreigner at the address. We make a list of trusted and verified individuals in various cities who can provide official registration. This feature is a list that shows the city, part of the city, and for paying members the individual’s contact information and price for registration. A member can simply request registration from the verified individual in his or her area and set up a time to visit the local migration office to complete the registration.

Being in Russia as a foreigner is sometimes tough without knowing the local language. Our language exchange feature is a tool for foreigners and locals to connect and find a language exchange partner to practice Russian in exchange for another language. Typically, no money is exchanged, only experience and time.

Living in a foriegn country means you don’t have access to things you’re used to back home. A trip board is a tool for members to share upcoming trips to and from Russia so that other members can request items to be brought from those destinations to them.

This job board is for foreigners in Russia (or before arriving in Russia) to get a head start on their job search. It lists vacancies companies are currently looking to fill which are geared towards foreigners. Members are able to browse current open vacancies and understand what kinds of opportunities there are in Russia for those who seek employment.

Some families in Russia are looking for au pairs to come spend time with their family for shorter periods of time. An au pair position gives a young individual the chance to travel, relatively cheap, and experience another culture. This board will showcase families who are interested in accepting an au pair into their home for a certain period of time, the terms and conditions of the exchange and other benefits they are willing to offer. Most families in Russia are looking for au pairs to practice their native langauge with their children. You can browse, contact and discuss further details directly with a family and you have access to examples and general expectations.

It’s difficult to find quality services in Russia that are in English or any other language for that matter. It’s even more cumbersome to find reputable services in your native language that don’t cost an arm and a leg. We list verified, reputable services provided in English and other languages. Our members can also leave reviews of organizations providing services other langauges to make sure you have complete transparency before going with a particular company.

This is a tool for members to post items for sale within our community.

This is where we post negotiated coupons specifically for our members for discounts on services, events, venues, restaurants, etc. We seek out and negotiate great deals with companies and organizations on behalf of our members.

The Let’s Russia calendar will help you keep up to date with all of the important and local events coming up so you don’t miss out on anything. It’s tough keeping up on everything if it’s not in your native language so we will make sure the calendar is updated and in English. 

Teachers and students can use this tool to offer their services and students to find teachers for language lessons and more. Conditions of lessons are transparent from the get-go and both parties understand each other’s expectations. Teachers and students can accept an offer, contact one another and get lessons started.

A weekly planned helps you plan lessons, appointments and see where they are all located on a map of the city to minimize commuting time.

Members can review organizations, studnets and companies to tell other members about their experience.

Becoming a verified member shows other members that you are a real person with a real account.

Upcoming Features and Benefits

  • Streamlined Foreigner Registration
  • Access to open articles (about articles)
  • Access to How-to Articles
  • Access to Job Board
  • Access to Language Exchanges
  • Visa Services
  • Community Event Calendar
  • Events & Gatherings
  • Private Messages
  • Access to shared Office Space 
  • Book a meeting room/office space
  • Access to Coupons
  • Foreigner Registration
  • Marketplace
  • Student/Teacher Portal
  • English Speaking Assistant
  • Real Estate Agent Services
  • Internship Placement
  • Language Homestay placement
  • Create Groups
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Live Chat with Support
  • Trip Board
  • Earn & Spend Points & Rewards
  • Request a quote
  • Share for discounts
  • SMS notifications
  • User Reviews
  • Verified Users
  • Community Forum
  • Important Notices
  • User Bookmarks
  • Friends
  • Weekly Planner
  • Russian Language Classes
  • Access to Directory of Services in English
  • Roommate/Accommodation Search
  • Seminars, Courses, Workshops
  • Mailing, Shipping Services
  • Au Pair Board
  • Luggage Keep
  • Discounted Travel Insurance 

Benefits for being paid members:

  • Get clear, valuable, updated information
  • Find like-minded people & be a part of a community away from home
  • Offer your services (teaching, translation, business, tourism, etc,)
  • Read real reviews from other members, students, teachers, & more.
  • Get discounts on visa and in-country services
  • Get access and perks like free events, activities, groups, & more.
  • Get access to services in English and other languages
  • Make your Russian experience more hassle-free

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