A Russian Experience. Simplified.

Finding your way in Russia as a foreigner is intimidating & tedious.

We simplify your experience by providing access to customized tools, reliable information & the best deals all in one like-minded community. You dodge red tape, save time & energy for what’s most important & connect with awesome people who share your interests.

The Community that works for YOU!

4 Areas Where the Let’s Russia Membership Delivers

Reliable Information

Accurate & up-to-date information that relates to YOU. No hearsay or what Maria's cousin's uncle said. We thoroughly research & verify content.

Innovative Tools

We're tired of bureaucracy too. It's time to use technology in our favor to minimize wasted time. We create tools for life in Russia. See how our tools will simplify your life in Russia.

The Best Deals

Finally someone working in your best interests and not for commission! We scour Russia for deals, do the due diligence for you and viola. Need something specific? Ask us to find it!

A Community to Call Yours

No matter your interests, you'll find like-minded people. We'll even help you in the search. That's what we're here for. Have a suggestion to make? We'll be the first to listen.

Features & Benefits

Visa Services

With offices in the USA, Germany, Canada & a growing network of partners, getting a Russian visa is simple & convenient, with members-only discounts.

Trip Board

Craving something from home? Need to get something from there to here? Connect with others to request an item or do fellow members a favor & bring items to them.

Language Exchange

Looking for language practice? Find people wanting to learn your language and you theirs. I'll scratch your back and you, well, teach me.

Foreigner Registration

One of the most irritating requirements for foreigners just got easier! Find verified property owners willing to register you. It's a win-win!

Deals & Coupons

We actively look for deals that benefit our community. Want a deal to a specific place? We'll reach out and negotiate on behalf of our whole community.

Office Space

Need a space to get work done or meet someone for a project? Come by the office. Book a space, room or swing by to pick up mail/package or print off docs. Mi casa es su casa!

More Features...
Watch how it works

Who is the Let's Russia Membership for?

For anyone living, working or traveling in Russia, or planning to.

Expats & Expat Families

Life is busy enough as it is, let alone living in another country. Expats in Russia, especially those with families, save a huge amount of time & make a smoother transition with the Let’s Russia to lean on.

Teachers & Professors

Part of teaching abroad is experiencing a new place. But, the unexpected often gets in your way of exploring. Here, you connect with others & see all your options so you can make the most of your time.

Foreign Students

Whether you’re studying for a semester or longer, Let’s Russia helps you make the most of your time in Russia.  Connect with students from other programs & get offers that fit your student budget.

Travelers & Nomads

From first-time tourists to returning nomads, you’ll always have a support system in Russia. Need a visa? Need a meeting place? Looking for tips & secrets to travel across Russia? We’ve got you covered.


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About Us

In 2015, Let’s Russia set out to simplify getting a Russian visa. We now have offices in the USA, Germany, Canada & we continue to expand. Let’s Russia has taken on its next challenge: simplifying life as a foreigner in Russia.

The Let’s Russia Membership has been in the making since early 2018. Our team delivers relevant information & leverages the power of community through convenient & efficient online tools. We supercharge your Russian experience by helping you avoid mistakes others have made and experience Russia to the fullest.


First of all, it’s free to sign up! Whether you’re considering Russia as a destination or already in Russia, check it out at zero risk. If you decide you’d like access to more features and benefits, you can always upgrade to a paid tier.

If you love saving time, being part of a community and getting access to great deals, you’re in the right place.

In a nutshell, it’s a community for people who live, work or travel in Russia, or are planning to. It’s your personal assistant to everything Russia. The best part is that it keeps you connected with other like-minded people.

Our support team works in the best interests of the members and are dedicated to making life in Russia simpler, from daily life to professional life. We provide up-to-date information, create convenient online tools, vet local companies, carry out research, give practical tips, negotiate the best deals on behalf of our members and so much more.

Anyone can become a member! There are three different account types.

Personal Account – For yourself and your family (only for personal use). Free or paid.

Collaborator Account – For companies and organizations to offer special deals (only for commercial use and subject to vetting process). Free.

Student Account – For locals to connect with foreigners in Russia for cultural exchange and language lessons. Free or paid.

Let’s Russia has locations in the USA, Germany and Canada. The Let’s Russia Membership team is based in Moscow, Russia, where most of its members reside. We plan to open more locations across Russia to provide support to the growing community.

There are no alternatives that provide such comprehensive solutions to your daily life in Russia aside from hiring a full-time personal assistant. The next best alternative is to research information on expat forums and groups in social media. These can be very helpful to get general ideas on topics, but details and situation-specific answers are difficult to find.

If you need services, you post across several groups or forums, weed through suggestions and recommendations, communicate with potential candidates thru email, Whatsapp, iMessage, Skype, text, call, etc and then finally make your choice. Finding services in English from reliable providers is time-consuming. Getting insider information takes time not to mention finding reliable and vetted companies. All in all, the alternative is wasted time and exhausted outreach.

Joining the Let’s Russia Membership gives you peace of mind first and foremost. You know that you have a dependable partner on your side supporting you in Russia.

Second, you save loads of time by speeding up your search for information based on your individual situation. We cut down the guesswork.

Third, the Let’s Russia Membership puts your interests first, especially above companies that advertise their services. If it is not a great deal or doesn’t benefit you, you’ll never hear about it from Let’s Russia.

Fourth, you get access to convenient tools to connect and interact in endless ways with a community of like-minded people and reliable organizations.

Benefits for being paid members:

  • Get clear, valuable, updated information
  • Find like-minded people & be a part of a community away from home
  • Offer your services (teaching, translation, business, tourism, etc,)
  • Read real reviews from other members, students, teachers, & more.
  • Get discounts on visa and in-country services
  • Get access and perks like free events, activities, groups, & more.
  • Get access to services in English and other languages
  • Make your Russian experience more hassle-free

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